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Thursday, 23 August 2018

Recent Pics

60047 6J37 Red Bank, June 28, 2018

After a short break of a couple of weeks, the logs are back! Also back (for now) at the helm is 60047 which will shortly be transferring to GBRf with the 9 other Class 60's operated by Colas. The logs are likely to revert to Class 70 power, indeed 70812 powered this service at the start of the week.

70813 6J37 Red Bank, August 10, 2018

The new order on 6J37 (at least for now) as 70813 eases through Redbank on the first full day post Class 60. The heavy log train runs from Carlisle to Chirk and has been a Colas turn for over a decade. The service has used traction such as Virgin Class 57/3's, DRS Class 57/0's, as well as Colas's own Class 47's, 56's 60's 66’s and 70's over the last few years.

66711 'Sence' 6L48 Weaver Junction, August 2, 2018
One of the most colourtul locomotives on the network is GB Railfreight's Class 66 66711 'Sence' in it's Aggregates Industries scheme. I have a soft spot for this locomotive and cant help but follow it around when its in the local area. Such luck at the moment is that after having a period on the Liverpool-Drax Biomass circuit, Sence is back working off Liverpool on the Ford Automotive train between there and Dagenham Docks. This locomotive actually delivered my new Ford Kuga to Garston last week which was pretty cool. Anyway, the GM is seen here giving it full beans away from Weaver Junction running around 15 mins early.

66721 'Harry Beck' 6E09 Daresbury, August 11, 2018
A pleasant surprise this Sunny Saturday morning as 'London Tube' liveried 66721 'Harry Beck' shifts its load of Biomass through Daresbury towards Weaver Junction. The service was the 6E09 07:40 Liverpool Biomass Terminal to Drax Alternative Energy Station in Yorkshire.

86638 86612 4K64 Halebank, July 11, 2018
Generally booked for a pair of 86's, the 4K64 11:46 Garston FLT - Crewe Basford Hall service is certainly one of my favourite services to photo. Operationally, Monday night to Friday night a pair are booked to work the 4M42 21:52 Felixstowe North FLT to Garston FLT forward from Ipswich, arriving at Garston just before 6am the following morning. The loco's remain on hand then to work 4K64 at lunchtime. Generally this pair (barring operational issues/failures) will then work to Coatbridge from Crewe later that evening. This has been a fairly recent change as it used to be that the loco(s) that worked the 4F45 08:20 Garston FLT - Crewe Basford Hall service would then return on 4K64. This loco now generally runs to Ditton light to assist with shunting/hauling the 4L92 14:03 departure to Felixstowe. On a Monday, loco's are ferried to Garston via 4F80 05:12 Crewe to Ditton and then run light to Garston.
 86613 86627 4K64 Halebank, June 29, 2018

With a toot from the driver and a wave from the second man's seat, Freightliner 86613 leads the 4K64 11:46 Garston FLT - Crewe Basford Hall through Halebank. Class mate 86627 was dead in tow taking a breather en-route back to Crewe. 
60059 6H02 Daresbury, July 11, 2018

A bit of a surprise this morning as I was waiting for the 90's on 4M27.... the unmistakable rumble of the Mirrlees MB275T engine. DB Cargo (UK) Class 60 60059 'Swinden Dalesman' hauls the 6H02 09:29 Arpley Sidings - Tunstead Sidings through Daresbury. The former Loadhaul favourite was the 7th 'Tug' released from the 'Super 60' overhaul programme at Toton after 60007, 60054, 60091, 60074, 60079 and 60063. Earlier work had been trialed on 60011 (electrical) and 60099 (mechanical) prior to the programme commencing. 60059 re-entered traffic in the spring of 2012 and has recently been 'de-schenkerised'.
 67002 1Z60 Daresbury, August 11, 2018

1Z60 04:44 Bristol Temple Meads to Appleby Pathfinder railtour.
 68025 'Superb' 5Z68 Moore, June 28, 2018

Another run of the Class 68 and MK3 ex 'Pretendolino' stock under Freightliner control was recorded this morning at Moore. 68025 'Superb' and 68031 'Excelsior' are recorded at either end of the 5Z68 10:02 Crewe C.S - Carlisle test run.
 88008 'Ariadne' 4M48 Red bank, August 5, 2018

1453 Mossend Euroterminal to Daventry Drs (Tesco)