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Friday, 24 May 2019

GBRf Heritage Liveries visit the North West

GBRf are perhaps the most exciting operator on the network when it comes to providing variety amongst it's loco liveries. Recently we have seen Class 47's, 50's and 60's receive different variations of the famous Blue/Orange scheme. But it is perhaps the Class 66 fleet that is the most exciting. Below is a list of the current 'Specials' GBRf have to offer!

2 loco's I have been able to catch up with recently are 66779 and 66789.

BR Brunswick Green liveried 66779 'Evening Star' is nearing journeys end as it passes the Jaguar factory in Halewood, Merseyside. The loco was working the additional 6X43 0909 Dagenham Dock Recp Gbrf to Garston Car Terminal Gbrf Ford automotive service. This particular train has ran more frequent recently with Ford stockpiling due to uncertainty around Brexit. This image was recorded just after 16:00 on 21/05/2019. The loco later returned to Dagenham with the empties and is now back in the area at Tuebrook sidings, where we will wait to see if it drops on to the Biomass circuit.

The lovely BR Large Logo Blue 66879 'British Rail 1948-1997' powers through Acton Bridge with the 6V35 0944 Clitheroe Castle Cement Gb to Avonmouth Hanson Sdg Gbrf on 16/05/2019. The loco the former EWS 66250, painted by GBRf when purchased from DB Cargo. GBRf are to be congratulated on providing such a wonderful bit of variety amongst a class which are seen as many as the devil.

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