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Friday, 15 January 2021

86604 (E3103) last day in service 15/01/2021

Today, the 15/01/2021, is 86604's last day in service. I've had a look in the archives for what I have of the old girl. Here, along with 86628, back on 07/06/16 at Halewood West Jn with 4K64 11:46 Garston FLT to Crewe BH. 

A product of Donny works in August 1965 and originally known as E3103, the loco has gone on to have a career of just over 55 years service since, what machines these 86's turned out to be!

For info, the last workings for the loco are training trips between Crewe BH and Trafford Park FLT. At the start of the day the loco had 6 hours remaining until it's next B exam is due. No more exams are currently authorised for the 86's, use them and their done.

Farewell old friend, I hope we may see you run in the UK again someday....

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