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Friday, 20 March 2015

37419 and two classic youtube videos!

As railway videos go, 37419 has featured in probably the two best I've watched. This one, from February 2015 has 419 running south from Carlisle to Crewe, The loco has some 900 tonnes behind it and a driver who was clearly loving every second of it. We are fortunate to have some Facebook/Yahoo groups in which drivers and other railway staff are key contributors. Indeed on this occasion, the driver was the one who gave the tip off prior to leaving Carlisle Yard allowing photographers and enthusiasts to get out and see this relatively rare working. What a performance!

This excellent video was shot by BEZ81022 on Youtube. Why not subscribe to him to keep up with his latest videos, as well as checking out the current ones!

Oh, and the other video which features 37419 is quite simply a classic. The only words that need to be said are 37419 and cold start which was recorded by GRIDMASTER6 again on Youtube.

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