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Monday, 21 April 2014

Blasts from an Allerton past...

Blasts from an Allerton past...

Some photo's taken @ Toton 21/04/2014 of Class 08 shunters once connected with Allerton in one way or another. First photo of each is the shunter today at Toton, and the second at Allerton at some point in the past. As ever, all photo's are my own.


08630 Toton 21/04/2014

08630 Allerton 2006


 08701 Toton Compound 21/04/2014

08701 Allerton May 2003


 08784 + 08994 Toton 21/04/2014
 08784 Allerton 2003 


08802 Toton 21/04/2014

08802 Allerton 2006

Sadly there was no sight of former Allerton allocated 08922 in BR Grey which was a long term resident of Carlisle. I believe this loco sees occasional use as Depot pilot here at Toton.

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