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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Return to Axiom Rail Stoke

On Friday the 02/01/2015 I revisited the Axiom Rail complex in Stoke to try and catch a glimpse of 08633. The veteran shunter was unexpectedly moved from Toton to the Staffordshire site back in October 2014. The move came as a surprise for several reasons. At the very end of August, DB withdrew all but 2 of their remaining Class 08/09 shunters in favour of using mainline locos for shunting/train forming. The loco had been in store at Toton and Stoke already had the reliable 08993 in use. As it happens, both shunters have remained at the site seemingly sharing the shunter duties, at least for now...

08633 was parked up outside the wheel shops next to the WCML whilst 08993 was nowhere to be seen, presumably locked up inside the shed.

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