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Monday, 5 June 2017

08 Update

Introduced well over 60 years ago, the standard BR Diesel Electric shunter,  or Class 08/09 as they are more commonly known, continues to prove its worth on the British Railway network today. Although the numbers have dwindled right down in recent years, a number of operators continue to add to their fleets.

Once the largest operator of 'Gronks' in the post privatization era, EWS/DB Cargo withdrew and sold their remaining shunting fleet in late 2016 after a number of unsuccessful attempts. The shunt operations which retained a dedicated pilot have been taken over by Class 60, 66 and 67 Diesel locomotives. Of the 24 sold, most were snapped up by hire market operators such as RSS (Railway Support Services) and HN Rail. The preservation movement also secured a number of these workhorses to ensure that they will be useful for many more years to come. Reflecting the current low price of scrap metal, only former Tinsley favourite 08879 was sold to a scrap dealer, Raxxstar Ltd, but even this is now has been repaired and should be sold on again shortly.

RSS (Railway Support Services)

Contracts both new and existing are being won all the time, however RSS are taking the lead in this field and below is detailed a list of recent goings on at the Wishaw based theme.

08460 prepares to shunt crippled wagons in to Axiom Stoke after their arrival from Warrington Arpley.

By far the busiest operator as of late is Railway Support Services Ltd based at Goodmans Yard, Wishaw. Formerly trading as Traditional Traction Ltd, the operator has made real strides in to the shunter hire market and as well as winning long standing contracts, has won new contracts as well.

  • Wigan Springs Branch - Following the sale of 08605 to Riveria Trains, DB have opted to hire in a Class 08 from RSS to cover the sites shunting needs. Home to the Network Rail breakdown crane and MPV fleet, the site is also a wagon repair facility. With the shed having no allocation of its own these days, mainline shunting isn't really an option. 08703, fresh off a C Exam at Bescot (bizarrely sanctioned before sale), arrived at the site on the 20th January 2017. Still carrying shabby EWS livery, the loco has had the EWS lettering painted out and a small RSS logo placed on each cab side. Initially expected to replace 08605, both shunters remain on site at the time of writing.
  • Leeds Neville Hill - Due to low availability of East Midlands Trains 4 own Gronks on site at Neville Hill with 08690 and 08908 out of action, and a commitment to provide a pilot to Northern covered by 08525, 08405 was collected from Crewe IEMD to ease the burden on former Intercity liveried 08950. 08405 was officially stored a number of years back by DB but was maintained in operational condition as Crewe IEMD pilot. Similar to 08703, the loco retains EWS livery with RSS logos attached to the cabsides.
  • Axiom Rail, Stoke - Perhaps the most unsurprising new requirement for a Gronk was the pilot duty for the former Marcroft Engineering works in Stoke. Home to shunters such as 08714, 08993 and more recently 08633, the sale of the latter by DB to the nearby Churnet Valley Railway left this busy facility with no pilot. Realising that this wasn't practical DB turned to RSS who in turn have provided initially 08652, whilst 08460's overhaul was completed at Wishaw, via Mendip Rail. 08460 has now taken up its duties in the Potteries allowing 08652 to be returned to Merehead.
  • Greater Anglia, Cambridge - The Arriva Traincare/LNWR facilty in Cambridge which is used for stabling/servicing units is a new location to require a Gronk. A lane of the shed has been hired by Abellio Greater Anglia for the overhaul of units. As the shed is not electrified the 08 will provide the power for any required movements. 08511 has taken up this duty after generator repairs at Wishaw.
  • Greater Anglia, Norwich Crown Point - A depot and turn that has existed for many years, Crown point has a requirement for 2 pilots at any one time. This contract has been held by RMS locotec for a number of years. Expected imminently are RSS owned 08480 and 08683 to relieve locotec's 08754 and 08847.
  • Tata Steel, Llanelli - Another contract won from RMS locotec, recently overhauled 08632 has been deployed to South Wales for pilot duty.
Purchased from DB Cargo at the fall of 2016 were,


Also added to the operators fleet as of late are,

08568 - purchased from Glasgow Works
09015 - purchased from the National Collection

08632 under overhaul at RSS's base at Wishaw prior to deployment to South Wales

08511 undergoing generator repairs at Wishaw. The loco has since been dispatched to Cambridge for the new contract with Abellio Greater Anglia as described above.

08703 sits outside the shed at Wigan Springs Branch on Friday 19th May. The site is a shadow of its former self with its once large allocation of Class 31's, 56's and 60's all gone and replaced by crippled wagons and Network Rail MPV units. 08605 (which 08703 was brought in to replace) remains on site and in use.

Toton's former Pilot 08480/Toton No1 sits at Wishaw after arrival from the East Midlands. A quick overhaul and repaint in to RSS livery was to follow before being sent over to the Grand Central Railway, Loughborough along with 08683, where they participated in the lines diesel gala. Both shunters are still on site in Loughborough awaiting redeployment which is expected to to be at Norwich Crown Point.
08752 sits on a road trailer at Wishaw after arrival from Bombardier Derby. The loco is onsite for generator repairs and will likely receive a repaint in to RSS house colours of Black, Grey and Red.

'Euro Gronks' 08738 and 08939 sit at Wishaw pending overhaul. The pair are to be reactivated with their multiple working equipment reinstated and deployed nose to nose on an undisclosed contract. The pair last worked in 'Multi' in Rouen, North France but returned from their jollies and straight in store at Toton in 2011.

Former Bescot residents 08580 and 08709 have recently arrived at Wishaw after temporary storage at the Chasewater Railway. It could go either way with these 2, with stripping for spares or overhaul both under consideration.

08411 sits heavily stripped at Wishaw. Prior to the DB tender list purchases, the loco was scheduled for a full overhaul. It remains to be seen whether this is proceeded with.

08480 08683 are seen assisting with shunting operations at GCR, Loughborough. The pair are awaiting redeployment which is expected to be in East Anglia.
Observed from a distance and amongst the gantries is 08405 which is on hire to EMT at Leeds Neville Hill. On hand to assist with shunting duties due to 08690 and 08908 currently being out of traffic.

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